Bethaney B. Wilkinson



Hello there - I'm Bethaney. 



I'm a writer, event host and leadership coach based in Atlanta, GA. I'm passionate about building social engagement capacity in people, organizations and teams. My formal education includes degrees from Emory University and Fuller Theological Seminary. But my natural gifts are relationship-building, facilitation and soulful leadership. I enjoy designing experiences and resources that help people learn, connect and authentically engage their worlds. I live in Clarkston, GA with my husband Alex and our two guinea pigs, Buster and Burrow.

Current Projects + Partnerships

Plywood People- Event Leader 

G.Race Dialogues- Creator and Lead Facilitator


Featured Blog Post:

Why Reconcilers Use Segregation to Move Us Towards Unity

Have you ever wondered why leaders intentionally recreate segregated spaces in an effort to move towards reconciliation? It can feel odd and disorienting. It can make you ask questions like, “Why am I not allowed there?” or “Why are they asking me to separate when I came to learn from stories other than my own?” These questions can be especially challenging if you come from a multiracial or biracial background; how are you supposed to decide if you “belong” to one group or the other? What if you’re in an interracial marriage, or what if your very best friend is from an ethnic group other than your own? Why split up when being together is the goal?

The questions are real. The confusion is palpable.... Click here to keep reading! 

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