What Do You Do with Off-Days?

Hey Changemakers­–

The problem I’m presenting in this memo is a strange one; I suspect it will only apply to a few of you. Does anyone else feel anxiety when given a day off from work? Or what about multiple days off?

I know. This is a weird problem. A problem of privilege even. 
But it’s real.

I woke up today–day seven of my staycation–and realized there were too many possibilities. Here were the options:
Stay in bed.
Watch a movie.
Watch ten movies.
Answer emails.
Avoid emails. 
Read a book.
Read excerpts from ten books.
Go outside.
Stay inside.
Meal plan.
Grocery shop.
Do various items from this list on rotation.
Work on side hustles.
Avoid side hustles.
The list is endless; the possibilities are endless.
How do we find focus?!

Here’s what I did today to help:
I woke up, took a shower, drank my morning lemon water and made a pour over coffee. I then proceeded to write my morning pages (three pages of stream-of-consciousness writing.)
I love morning pages because they inevitably give birth to clarity.

With clarity, here’s what I could see:

  1. I’ve already created a weekly routine. Literally. I’ve penned out exactly what I want to see happen every morning of the week. I wrote it a few days ago. Some mornings are for writing to all of you; others are for reading my Bible, others are for creating content for Plywood People. I realized that I ALREADY have a plan. So, I should just stick to it. Conserves energy.
  2. I am working on a book project and it demands a certain amount of time every day, be it writing or reading for research. I decided I would be most satisfied at the end of this day if I made headway reading a book related to my overall book project. Check.
  3. I’m planning a trip to Brooklyn with my husband. I’m very excited about this. As such, when I’m done writing this memo, reading for my book project, and, at some point, eating a meal, I will sit down with Alex and we will plan out our dream fall trip to Brooklyn, NY.

This is a day I’m excited about.
Will there be detours? Of course.
It wouldn’t be a staycation without detours.
But I have a plan, and a plan gives me peace.

So, shout out to you creative changemakers out there who need a plan to soften the anxiety and help you live a rich day.
There ain’t no shame in that.