Are you an Influencer or a Leader?

Hey Changemaker!

It’s one thing to be an “influencer.”

It’s another thing to carry the weight of leadership responsibility.

Influencers get likes and follows; leaders build trust and grow teams.

Influencers use their voices to serve their vision; leaders use their voices to empower others.

Influencers get stuck on images; leaders focus on integrity and on the substance of their work.

Influencers draw attention; leaders get stuff done.

This isn’t a perfect dichotomy. I’m sure there are influencers out there who are leaders, just as there are leaders who are more interested in growing their influence than in developing those around them.

But hey, let’s be the kind of folks who spend more time leveraging our influence to develop other people rather than leveraging that influence to purely draw attention to ourselves. 

On the journey with you!

- B