Here's Your Pep Talk...

Hey Changemaker­!

Do you ever question the impact of your voice? 
I do. Constantly.

No matter how many tables I’m invited to, microphones are handed to me, or how many stages I’m invited to speak on, it can be challenging to believe in my voice.

After a few years of wrestling with this, I’ve realized that the confidence I need to move forward won’t come from “somewhere out there,” but it will come from somewhere deep inside of me. It will be a choice I make to step into the good work prepared for me.

I’m willing to bet that for you, there are gifts and dreams you want to bring to life, but you question if you’re the person to do it.

Am I the one to write the song or poem?
Am I the one to lead the meeting or throw the party?
Am I the one to start the organization or launch the business?
Am I the one to write the book?

Doubt, insecurity, and fear grow as we question our place and our worthiness to bring a good thing to life.

But hear me on this, or rather, hear Marianne Williamson:
“Your playing small does not serve the world.”
Did you get that? "Your playing small does not serve the world!"

At some point, you’re going to have to stop looking to the people outside of you to give you the courage to get on your way. God is for you. That is what we know. But he can’t force you to write the book, pick up the guitar or use your voice. Those are choices you are going to have to make.

Will it be risky? Hell yeah.
Will people hate it? Maybe.
But is it worth trying? Yeah, I’m willing to bet it is.

I’m writing this, not as an expert, but as a fellow dreamer and leader. This is a daily struggle for me, so take these words as a pep talk to get in the game, friends!

Let’s take creative risks to design the world we know we want.
Do the thing that is in your heart to do. 
Success isn’t guaranteed, but growth is if we choose it.